Value Added

Colebridge Accountancy is a trading arm of The Colebridge Trust Ltd, a Registered Charity operating in Solihull for over 15 years. Without the support of the wider trust, we simply wouldn’t be able to offer what we do to the sector.

The skilled team at Colebridge Trust can also provide organisations with:

  • Fundraising support – including advice on how to write an effective grant funding application or even preparing an entire bid on your behalf.
  • Representation – our strong links within the local voluntary sector and its networking forums can provide you with a voice or with contacts with which to pursue your goals.
  • Volunteering support– this includes advising organisations on where to recruit prospective volunteers and provides individuals who are interested in volunteering with advice on how to find volunteering placements.
  • Governance advice – by providing new start-ups with advice on effective governance structures, established organisations with governance reviews and advising on appropriate policies and procedures that should be in place for good practice.
  • Project Planning, Management and Evaluation – our experienced team can assist where organisations are unused to handling larger scale initiatives and can also provide an independent review service.


What we do

Accountancy, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services